Our Mission

Generation Music provides classical music education to underrepresented youth through workshops and lessons--solely taught by young artists.


Our ​Vision

Through our interactive workshops and lessons, students--no matter their background--will have access to music education.


Our History

     As previous students of the Philadelphia public school system, best friends Chloe and Claire understand the importance of music education and the benefits that come along with teaching young people quality music education. Chloe and Claire both started playing their instruments when they were in middle school, met as freshmen in high school, and thanks to the many schools they attended through the School District of Philadelphia, they have received numerous opportunities to continue the study of their instruments which has led them to becoming undergraduate students studying Music Education and Entrepreneurship.  

Generation Music was originally a project created for Project 440's after school program, Doing Good. Doing Good teaches musician entrepreneurship, and gives participants the tools to start their own community engagement project. Chloe and Claire joined the Doing Good program in November of 2017 which was the program's inaugural year. After noticing that the School District of Philadelphia did not have music programs in all of its schools, Chloe and Claire decided to create a program that provides music education to elementary school students to encourage and diversify professional ensembles and orchestras in the future. Being able to have youth instructors teach and lead our workshops allows us to center our lessons to what’s trending, using pop culture references and fun activities to keep students engaged. 

    In June of 2018, Chloe and Claire successfully completed their community engagement project by visiting their first school, Arts and Sciences Middle School in the Frankford section of Philadelphia. Excited by the amazing results and feedback from both the students and teachers that day, Chloe and Claire knew that they wanted to continue their organization beyond Project 440. In August of 2018, Generation Music became fiscally sponsored so that they would be able to continue providing quality music education and afterschool workshops. Since then, Generation Music has partnered with the School District of Philadelphia, Settlement Music School, Project 440, and the Philadelphia Music Alliance for Youth and has continued visiting more schools in Philadelphia.

  COVID-19 has presented many challenges for all, especially those in the arts field. Our organization relied on visiting schools across the city of Philadelphia and hosting after-school workshops through the help of Settlement Music School. Generation Music has found alternative ways to continue reaching students virtually by using softwares such as Zoom and Youtube to ensure that we can still provide an outlet for students wanting to learn about music. We are excited to announce that we have started a Youtube channel called Generation Music Plus. Our goal for this channel is to create content that continues to teach students about the many instruments used in ensembles and recording our classroom lessons to make them accessible to watch outside of a classroom setting.